Why Should We Belong to an Association? by Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President

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Why Should We Belong To An Association? by Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President, PHCC of California

The dictionary’s definition of association is a group of people organized for joint purposes.  Founded in 1900, the PHCC of California is part of the nation’s oldest tradest association, and the most current and active support of the plumbing-heating-cooling industry in California today.

The readership of this magazine consists of several hundred members of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association of California, staff and industry partners from across the country and over 8000 licensed C-36 Contractors in California.  This means the majority of our readership does not belong to our association.  With over 36,000 licensed plumbing contractors in California, it begs the question, why doesn’t everyone belong to PHCC?  When speaking to potential members about joining our association, we are asked one question, every time.  How much does it cost to belong?

I’ll answer the question with a question… what does it cost NOT to belong?  Within PHCC, I belong to the Association Executive Council, and the cost of dues has never had a bearing on my membership.  I consider it a donation to my industry, and an insurance policy; should I or a newer executive professional needs the resources provided, they will be available.  When I was new to PHCC, I needed experts that I could turn to.  They are my friends, and the relationships I’ve formed over the last 6 years are priceless.  I would be at a loss to assign a monetary value to this, however, the dues paid keep the organization in business, and provide events for me to attend, speakers for me to learn from and keep ‘the table laden’ to which I return again and again.

You are invited to the PHCC table.  At this table is a wealth of information, at the local, state and national level.  There are a number of ‘courses’ for you to choose from, but the most important opportunity is joining ‘your people’ at the table.  To ask questions and get answers from those who have been in business longer, addressed specific challenges so you don’t have repeat them, or learn from the innovators.  One of my particular joys is to watch PHCC members look out for each other… referring each other work, helping each other out in times of want or need, sharing resources and being there for each other… in good times and bad.

Have you been in business a long time?  This is your opportunity to join the group at the table and share your wisdom.  Give of your experience, and establish a legacy.  When your career is over, the money you’ve accumulated will be nice, but it won’t have the impact of the relationships you’ve had, or leaving a legacy with the young contractors coming up behind you. One of my favorite quotes is as follows… ‘that which we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others lives forever.’

Call at 916-925-7390 or email me at tracy@caphcc.org and join us today.  We have a place at the table for you.