UPC Code Update by Tim Rutledge, PHCC GSA Instructor 11.21.22

Tracy ThrelfallBusiness Education, Code Information

Code update: Chapter 2 ‘Dead Leg’ and section 309.6

  • A ‘Dead Leg’ is a section of potable water pipe that contains water that has no flow or does not circulate.

What Changed:

  • ‘Dead Leg’ was added to both definitions and General Regulations.

Why it Changed:

  • Substantiation for this change was that ‘dead legs’ in the water supply are not mentioned in the code book. Since the portion of the system does not allow the circulation of water, it is a portion of the system that could allow for stagnant water as well as legionella.

What it means to you:

  • Dead legs will require a means of flushing to diminish the possibility of bacteria growth and stagnant water.

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