UPC Code Update by Tim Rutledge, Instructor, PHCC GSA Training Facility

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Uniform Plumbing Code update: Table 703.2 note  #4

  • Not to exceed five water closets or five six-unit traps.

What Changed:

  • Previous versions of the code book would only allow up to 3 water closets or six-unit traps on a horizontal 3” pipe and 4 water closets or six-unit traps on a vertical 3” pipe or stack.

Why it Changed:

  • To quickly paraphrase the development of this change, the previous standard was established in 1973 when water closets were not restricted in their water consumption and would commonly use 5-7 Gallons per flush. This along with other tests proving flow of water carrying human waste through a 3” pipe as compared to a 4” pipe is more beneficial.

For further information, IAPMO members have access to the development of the code, proposals and monographs of all code development at www.IAPMO.org

What it means to you:

  • Plumbing that drains up to 5 water closets will now only be required to have a 3” drain installed.

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