Stop Making Wishes. Start Making Plans. By Vincent Ivan Phipps, M.A., CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

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In the season of New Year’s Resolutions, we are inundated with thoughts of fresh beginnings.

Follow these four guidelines to turn your wishes into results.

  1. Start now. Yes now, right now.  Don’t wait until the New Year, next month, or next week.  Start immediately to incorporate the changes you wish from yourself.  Every calendar has a Sunday.  No calendar has a someday.  If you’re going to do it someday, start today.
  1. Be specific Stop using vague words such as: soon, when I can, one day, and eventually. Use definitive words such as: March 15, eight times, and 33%.  Use numbers in your plans.  Instead of saying, “One day, I will start saving more money” say, “February 15, I will open a savings account.  Every Monday, I will place $100 into that account.  By April 10, I should have $1,000.
  1. Ask for help. If you are serious about accomplishing your plans, tell a person who you know will hold you accountable.   Share your plan in writing and ask them to look for flaws. Approximately 14% of the population will find joy in critiquing.  Ask them for suggestions for improvement.  The mere discussion of your improving your plan will increase your propensity of accomplishment.
  1. Celebrate small. Health or money compile 88% of New Year’s Resolutions.  Bottom line, we want to be rich and sexy!  Whether improving our health or our wealth, these can both be long term goals.  Create small milestones to achieve.  Reward yourself with some ice cream if you kept your commitment to walk at least three miles a day for seven days.  Take yourself to a nice dinner if you kept your commitment to eat leftovers for five days.

Anyone can make a wish.  Be better and turn your wish list into a get-list!

Vincent Ivan Phipps, M.A., C.S.P. is the CEO of Communication VIP Training and Coaching.  Due to overwhelming member demand, Vincent will be the keynote presenter at PHCC WEST 2017: Building for the Future at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, Thursday, April 20, 2017.  You may reach Vincent at:

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