Professionalism Means Industry Leadership


PHCC is one of a handful of organizations with full partnership status in the most
important exposition of PHC products aimed at trade clientele. ISH North America is held every other year at a major city somewhere in the United States and Canada. Exhibitors flock from all over the world to display the newest wares in PHC products, tools, equipment and business management systems.
PHCC staff and membership can be found in positions of leadership throughout the
industry. They participate in:

  • Code and licensing boards
  • Supplier and vendor advisory boards
  • Convention and trade show committees
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureaus

PHCC Professionalism Means …

  • Better trade workers
  • Better business practices
  • Better job safety
  • Better products and installations
  • Better wages and benefits for employees
  • Better treatment of customers
  • Better visibility and perception for the entire industry

No organization can last for 125 years without delivering on its promises. PHCC intends to commit itself to the same goals and standards for the next 125 years
and beyond.

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Excerpted from:
The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association Celebrates 125 Years