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Trade professionals are skilled workers who deserve to be compensated accordingly. PHCC does not determine wage scales and benefits paid by its members. Nonetheless, by enhancing their business professionalism, PHCC gives its members a leg up in competing in the marketplace with something to offer other than the lowest price in town.

Companies able to charge fair prices for their work have an opportunity to pay fairwages and benefits to their employees. This is another aspect of professionalism growing out of PHCC membership.

Customers, too, benefit from the value offered by PHCC professionals. The
cheapest price offered for installation or service work seldom is the best value.
Installations that fail shortly after the work is done or deliver inferior performance
entail enormous costs and inconvenience for customers.

PHCC professionals deliver valuable products
and services at a fair price, and they
stand behind their work. Consumer confidence comes with patronizing firms with
the PHCC logo.

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Excerpted from:
The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association Celebrates 125 Years