Professionalism In Education


What separates the professional plumbing contractor from the “fly-by-night” operators who are in it only for the money? Usually it boils down to education. Most contractors come from the ranks of trade workers who decide to go into business for themselves. These former plumbers and HVAC mechanics tend to be top-notch performers with the tools of the trade. Unfortunately, few have had any formal training about how to run a business.

The transition from trade worker to contractor
can be a daunting one. Most don’t
have time to acquire a degree in business administration. PHCC steps in to offer
them the tools they need to succeed in the highly competitive plumbing field. PHCC
offers business education that spans:

    • Accounting & bookkeeping
    • Marketing & salesmanship
    • Project management
    • Service dispatching
    • Computerization
    • Recruiting & hiring
    • Virtually everything else needed to run a plumbing business

From the earliest days of the association to the present, no programs have received higher priority from PHCC than education. This organization always has been a leader in both trade apprenticeship training and business management education for its members. PHCC’s educational thrust took a giant leap forward with the formation of the PHCC
Educational Foundation in 1986. Prior to that, education programs had to contendfo r funds with various other activities. With association revenues somewhat tied to the ups and downs of the construction economy, this method made it hard to sustain education on an even keel over time.

The Foundation is responsible
for both apprenticeship and management education.
A sizable endowment now assures that education is a staple of PHCC offerings year
after year.

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Excerpted from:
The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association Celebrates 125 Years