President’s Message by Mike Barker, President, PHCC of California

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Thank you to everyone that attended PHCC WEST 2014: A Family Affair in Anaheim, CA in May.  It was a great convention, and during this convention I was sworn in as your President, and take this responsibility very seriously.  PHCC has changed the way Barker & Sons does business and has contributed significantly to the success we enjoy today.  I want every P-H-C Contractor to benefit the way we have.  In order to do that, we need to bring a clear message of our benefits and services to potential members and enhance our current offerings for our valued members.

The PHCC of California Board of Directors are hard at work identifying our strengths, bringing ideas to the table and communicating with you, our valued member.  Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Constant Contact and mail-in survey.  We met August 13th & 14th to do the business of the state association, and participate in a strategic planning session.  Over two days the board deliberated on issues such as both state and PHCC mandated journey level certification (the CAPHCC Board voted to promote PHCC Journey level Certification in house prior to seeking state certification), the promotion of Copper for Kids program statewide and increasing our political power and influence.  We are also looking at enhanced training offerings for our membership and discounts that will offset the cost of dues.  Congratulations also to Scott Harrison, Scott Harrison Plumbing, Heating & Air and PHCC ORSB who was chosen as the PHCC of California Nominee for PHCC National Zone 4 Director, and thanks to Alfred Edwards of Arie Plumbing, PHCC GLAA for making himself available for this important position.  Both of these gentlemen exemplify the best PHCC of California has to offer.

Near to the heart of every PHCC of California Director, the message of Copper for Kids has traveled across the state, and throughout the country.  PHCC National has assured us that we have their support in promoting the program, and the CAPHCC Board has identified our 2014-2015 as $500,000 collected statewide which translates into the placement of 100 children in forever homes.  With the support of both our membership and affiliates, we feel that this is a realistic and meaningful goal.  We are hard at work supplementing the website data, and encourage you to contact Tracy Threlfall at 916-925-7390 to learn how YOU can participate and make a powerful difference in the life of a child currently living in the foster care system.

We hope that you’ve already marked your calendars for May 13-17, 2015 in Maui, HI!  PHCC Oregon has committed to joining us for a true WEST convention, and with PHCC WEST 2015: The Power to Change shaping up to be a convention to remember, we want you to know that ALL PHCC Members, Directors, Staff & Affiliates are invited NATIONWIDE!!!!  We also encourage potential members to attend, now may be the time to encourage that contractor who’s been on the fence to enjoy the best we have to offer!  Featuring seminars customized to produce maximum profitability for your marketing and bottom line, and exciting networking events (with a few fun surprises to be announced), NOW is the time to consider that Hawaiian vacation you’ve dreamed about taking!  Concerned about cost?  Contact the state office at 916-925-7390 to learn about the ‘Hawaii Club’ and learn how you can charge monthly payments to offset next year’s combined family vacation and training opportunity!

Aloha, Mike Barker, President, Barker & Sons