President’s Message, By Michael DeSilva, President, PHCC of California

CEO@caphcc.orgCAPHCC President's Message

“I feel like we’ve finally made it… Now approaching nearly 2 years of dealing with a pandemic and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hoping for most of you this means your life is returning to normal and we can put our pants back on and meet in person rather than another dang zoom meeting ;). Most Companies I have spoken with have thankfully seen some of their best years despite the pandemic. Of course, these are mostly PHCC members and I would expect that year after year despite any challenge. It seems that people are joining the workforce again and hiring is way up. In fact, many new construction, industrial and other facets of our trade have either diversified their service line or are spreading into the fields that still have the work flow. Many have seen some career changes as a result and mixing up the workforce Finding commercial vehicles has been another story… In most states people are having to place orders and wait months to obtain a new vehicle. If you haven’t already, place your orders now since production won’t resume for many manufacturers until late August or even September. With the housing market booming, we find people are putting that equity to work in their homes in all sorts of upgrades. I think people have really come to appreciate their home and the level of comfort, safety and pleasure it brings. We are seeing trends of new Tankless Water Heaters, Water Treatment Systems, Dog wash stations, AC Systems, Air treatment Systems, Duct cleaning, Backyard remodels and so on… Likewise I feel as though our industry gained a slightly increased amount of respect and appreciation for what we do.

While the rest of the world was shut down, we carried on doing what we always done. Ultimately I think this painful change over nearly 2 years will be paying off very soon if it hasn’t already for you. I’m very much so looking forward to getting out there with each other, reconnecting and sharing that face to face time we have been lacking for too long. I want to wish you all an amazing year and congratulate you on all your adaptiveness and perseverance during this time.

Our future is extremely bright and I can’t wait to connect at PHCC WEST 2022 Don’t Look Back Let’s Party May 17-19 at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe.

Stay Well,

2020-2022 PHCC of California President,

Michael DeSilva, Plumbing Plus