Contractors-Only Roundtable

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Welcome to PHCC's Contractor Roundtable!

Each month PHCC of California is hosting an hour-long contractor only educational roundtable on three rotating track topics: Revenue Growth, Recruiting, and Cost Control.

All PHCC of California contractor members (which includes all local chapter members) will be invited to this members-only series.  The roundtable will be scheduled and promoted in cooperation with local PHCC chapters.  The roundtable will be held via Zoom and each session will be focused on a specific, common problem members face in the three track topics.

The roundtable is facilitated by The Light Digital/MarginPoint/OneDegree Careers and co-moderated by a PHCC member together with one or more outside subject matter experts.  The facilitators will tap a few participants in advance to prepare brief thoughts to share on their experiences on the topic/common problem in order to provide the moderator content to trigger questions and answers.

As a roundtable, these are not industry/vendor pitches or webinar style presentations. Rather they are interactive discussions designed to foster learning among members in tackling the common problem. Moderators pose questions and provide factual guidance -- but members share their experiences to each other’s benefit. Each roundtable is framed by a set of specific questions, and possibly some short, optional reading in advance, but the discussion will be free flowing and can go where moderators deem most productive. 

Members may participate in all tracks, or drop-in on those tracks in which they choose to participate. The three tracks will repeat as recurring themes throughout the year. Future roundables, and the tracks’ content, will build on each previous roundtable. 

Additionally, PHCC of California invites non-members to join on a one time basis to see the value of joining the Contractor Roundtable monthly. If interested, please call the state office at (916)925-7390 to register.

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Paul Benton is CEO of The Light Digital, a unique digital agency helping plumbing/HVAC company owners both raise their top line revenue and also cut costs in their operations. A PHCC affiliate member in the Contra Costa and Alameda counties chapter, he brings 20+ years experience in media and advertising including as owner of traditional radio stations and for the last seven years in the digital world.

  Sam Dowdy Sr. has more than 35 years experience owning and operating a thriving plumbing company. After having completed a successful family transition to his next generation, Sam’s mission has become to find the next generation of technicians with his Plumbing Pipeline Program, which he offers as a template for others to follow in recruiting employees. Named Plumbing Contractor of the Year by Plumbing & Mechanical in 2016

Scott brings extensive experience to Marginpoint, leading all sales, product, digital and corporate marketing. He has 25+ years of global experience in the software industry having served in various leadership roles in Marketing, Sales and Business Development. Scott began his career in sales and spent over 10 years with Electronic Arts. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from San Francisco State University.


Michael De Silva is a Plumbing Contractor of 19 years from San Diego CA who owns and operates Plumbing Plus. He is an active PHCC member who has served as local President of the San Diego Association and 2 time president of the Ca Chapter. He focuses his attention into workforce development developing and supporting the PHCC Academy and their apprenticeship program. 


John Stevenson is an active member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and has been elected to the Board of Directors for four years in the Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Association of San Diego, and was President for the 2004-2005 term. John was inducted into the State Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Association as the President in May 2018. We are dedicated to elevating the Plumbing, Cooling, and Heating industry to ensure every customer receives fair and honest work across the nation. 

Beth Dobkin is a business coach with Quality Service Contractors, an Enhanced Service Group of the PHCC. After selling the family plumbing service business in 2000, Beth became a business coach for the trades, helping entrepreneurs make their vison a reality. Beth provides resources, processes and an outside perspective on best business strategies that help you succeed in an increasingly competitive market to improve your bottom line and gain financial independence.