PHCC of California Continuing Education

Continuing education plays an important role in ensuring that industry professionals of all kinds are armed with the latest knowledge in the field.  


It takes a great deal of training to learn the skills needed to do the job properly and efficiently and to reach personal career goals.  Skills that are constantly improving should be considered a life-long practice.

To maintain up-to-date knowledge, understanding, and installation techniques, the PHCC of California Board of Directors established CE training requirements and credits which will help keep you informed. There is a variety of programs that group together related coursework for flexibility, designed to address the professional and personal needs of each individual and each business.

The card for PHCC of California members is valid for three (3) years, at which time a renewal test must be taken to renew the card and CAPHCC must have on record that 18 hours of Continuing Education have been met, (6 hours per year) preferably in a PHCC-sanctioned class.

The card for non-members is valid for one (1) year, at which time a renewal form must be completed and fees paid to renew the card.  Non-members must also take a renewal test every three (3) years.   

A PHCC-sanctioned class is defined as a class held by the PHCC of California or a PHCC Chapter using state-approved curriculum. i.e. the PHCC of California code update class, the 2009 UPC or IAPMO materials, etc.

Additional PHCC-sanctioned classes would include:

  • A code update class taught by a PHCC instructor or local plumbing inspector.
  • Water heater/boiler/tankless training or similar training provided by a factory representative or equivalent.
  • GreenPlumber USA Training Any Safety class, Forklift Training, Scissor Lift Training, OSHA Training Class etc. provided a certificate is given.
  • Class would have to be at least 2 hours minimum with a certificate of completion provided by the manufacturer.
  • A backflow prevention certification or re-certification class.

Any Industry related class that is 2 hours or more and can produce a certificate may be submitted to the state office for approval.

Classes should be pre-approved in advance by the PHCC of California Executive Vice President if not a PHCC-sanctioned class.

In order to meet renewal requirements, a form will be provided to all Journey Level Certification Card Holders for documentation of continuing education requirements. Once completed, an approval signature from PHCC of California will document 6 hours of approved continuing education have been met.

Each PHCC Chapter across the state offers PHCC-Sanctioned Continuing Education

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For more information, contact Jerry Threlfell, Office Administrator, PHCC of California at or 916-925-7390.

Following is a suggested timeline for card renewals:

0 – 1 year – 6 CE hours
1-2 year – 12 CE hours
2-3 years – 18 CE hours

Download the CE Form