Journey Level Certification


In response to the growing demand for qualified plumbers and as a

service to the industry

Test for the PHCC of California Journey Level Certification!

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge in the plumbing industry

  • Have knowledgeable conversations with clients and homeowners

  • Gain instant professional credibility

  • Increase earning potential

  • Accelerate career growth

  • Stand head and shoulders above the competition


An open book examination of 125 questions:

50 Multiple Choice

25 Gas (based on a drawing)

25 Water (based on a drawing)

25 Drain Waste Vent (based on a drawing)


The Certification categories are:

Journey Level Plumber – Must have four or more years of documented experience working for a licensed plumbing contractor.

Service & Repair Technician – Must have four or more years of documented experience working for a licensed plumbing contractor.

Graduate of a PHCC-Approved Federally and/or State Registered Training Program – Must provide a transcript from the PHCC Training Program. 

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Required Documentation

Submit the following documents, via US Mail 20 days before the exam date:

  • Mail to:
    PHCC of California
    1820 Tribute Road, Suite A
    Sacramento, CA 95815
  • Please send your information and payment via certified mail.  This ensures information security and protection.  PHCC of California is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail and/or payments or fees as a result therein.

  • Completed application form

  • Four consecutive years of W-2 Forms supporting work experience

  • Notarized letter on company letterhead stating duties performed and dates of employment

  • Passport-sized photograph or email digital photograph to Must be a head shot against a neutral background, passport sized

  • Check made out to PHCC of California in the amount of the applicable fee (PHCC of California member/employee or non-member)

For Licensed Plumbing Contractors only:
Can submit a copy of pocket or wall license in lieu of W-2 forms and the notarized letter.

For PHCC Apprentice or Trainee Graduates:
Can submit a transcript from the PHCC Training Facility demonstrating that  classroom and On the Job Training (OJT) graduation requirements of the PHCC Training Facility has been met.

PHCC of California will offer this examination to any area or business that has ten qualified candidates.

To arrange for a test in your area, contact Jerry Threlfall at (800) 780-7422 or by e-mail at

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:  Cancellation must be made in writing 10 days prior to the exam date to receive a partial 50% refund. All exam reschedule requests must be made in writing 10 days prior to exam date to avoid additional fees.


$60.00 per PHCC member/employee
$120.00 per non-member

$30.00 per PHCC member/employee
$60.00 per non-member

Renewal Fees/Schedule
$50.00 per PHCC member/employee*
*Valid for 3 years, Renewal test every 3 years
$100.00 per non-member**
**Valid for 1 year, Renewal fee every year/test every 3 years

Please make all checks payable to: PHCC of California
Returned checks will be subject to a minimum $35 returned check fee and hold on certification.


Ian Humber
Custom Plumbing

PHCC of the Redwood Empire

I started out plumbing shower valves in a small shop.  I had to ask which fittings go where and why. 

I am now a graduate of the PHCC GSA Training Facility and I am preferred over some journeyman on job sites because of the advanced knowledge that I acquired in this program. The training I’ve received and the knowledge I’ve acquired boosts not only my pay rate, but also my confidence and quality of work, making me an asset no company wants to lose.

Continuing Education For PHCC of California Journey-level Certification Card Renewal


Continuing education plays an important role to ensure P-H-C industry professionals are armed with the latest knowledge in the field.

All Journey Level Certification Card Holders are required to obtain 6 hours per year of PHCC-approved Continuing Education.

The mission is to provide workforce development, management education and technical training to advance the growth and career success of those employed in the plumbing and HVACR industry.

Learn More About Continuing Education Requirements For Renewal