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Security, variety, zero student loan debt, advancement opportunities and "earn while you learn" are great reasons to

Become a Plumber Or hvac/r technician


The PHCC-PUAC Training Facility offers three apprenticeship programs:

  • State Approved Apprenticeship Program

    PHCC Apprentices are registered with the State of California, Division of Apprenticeship Standards and are certified to work as apprentices on public work projects.

  • Trainee Program

    The trainee program is offered to employers who perform residential and/or private commercial work.

  • Federally Approved Apprenticeship Program

    The Federally approved apprenticeship program is in conjunction with the State approved program. The students are registered with the United States, Department of Labor and are certified to work on Davis Bacon projects.

Journey Level Certification

The PHCC of California offers the Journey Level Certification Test & Preparation Course.

This is an important opportunity for improved success for both the company owner and the company's employees, better quality of workmanship and increased overall credibility for the business.

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Plumbing & HVAC/R Apprentice eLearning

The PHCC of CA Educational Foundation offers plumbing and HVAC/R apprentice eLearning courses  for students needing a non-traditional method of apprenticeship-related instruction.

The eLearning courses offer quality instruction and give students fast feedback on  performance.

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Ride & Decide Program


For many high school students, college is the answer. For many others, it is trade school.

The Ride & Decide Program pairs students with trade industry contractors to allow them to experience the trade while assisting in paid work functions during their summer school break.

Students can get a combination of on-the- job apprentice training with specific college courses. Careful planning saves families hard-earned dollars, helps the economy, and gives a young person a jump start to their future.

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