For Immediate Release: PHCC Ride & Decide Video Tour 2016 Is a Tremendous Success!

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Sacramento, CA – The PHCC of California Ride & Decide Program pairs high school students with PHCC Contractors during the summer for 2-4-6 weeks; that they can get a ‘hands on’ experience in the plumbing-heating-cooling trade.  In August of 2016, the Board of Directors of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of California association (CAPHCC) approved a revolutionary marketing program – The PHCC Ride & Decide Video Tour 2016. The brainchild of CAPHCC President Geno Caccia and Alonso Orellano of Visual Street Films, a plan was cultivated to broadcast this unique program in a fresh and exciting way via the power of video, across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In September, Alonso and his video crew traveled to each PHCC local association across the state to produce relevant videos with an innovative ‘vibe’ that demonstrate the tremendous opportunity for young people in the plumbing-heating-cooling trades and also illustrate the benefit of PHCC membership.

Several of the videos have gone viral, including a video of Michael Gonzalez, which has been viewed by over 3400 people.  A student who ‘rode along’ with James Caccia Plumbing, Inc. of PHCC of San Francisco & San Mateo Counties, he discovered a passion for plumbing.  Michael and his mother, Kris, talk about how PHCC’s Ride & Decide Program changed their entire family dynamic.  You can watch it here.  Also viral with over 5300 views is a video of three PHCC apprenticeship graduates who now run work for Iron Mechanical, Inc.  in Sacramento, CA.  Featuring towering skyscrapers and visually innovative footage, our apprentices talk about GOOD JOBS in the plumbing trade, and why students should consider a career in the trades as a viable career path.  You can see the Iron Mechanical video here and be sure to visit our Facebook page to see all of our exciting videos.

President Geno Caccia stated, ‘There has been a great deal of excitement and interest from our PHCC National leadership, and throughout our industry, as we leverage the power of video.  We’ve generated excitement, laughter and tears as we change the public perception of a career in the trades.’  Caccia continued, ‘There is a major focus and strategic plan for workforce development for the PHC industry.  PHCC members can look for the mailer “Conquer the Workforce Challenge” and find more tools at  This is very complimentary information for recruiting Ride and Decide.’

Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President wrote, ‘It is recognized industry wide that there is a shortage of skilled trained workforce in the plumbing-heating-cooling trades.  With no shop or mechanical training offered in high schools, and with educators continuing to promote college as the only path from school, the PHCC Ride & Decide Program was designed to show students that you can ‘work with your head, your heart and your hands’.  Pairing students with PHCC Contractors, young people can experience a career in the trades first hand with some of the best PHCC Contractors in the business.  With no student loan debt, the opportunity to earn while they learn, a comfortable wage and no shortage of work upon graduation, a career in the plumbing-heating-cooling trade is not just an alternative to college, but an extremely desirable career path in and of itself.’

Threlfall continued, ‘We could not do the work we do without the generous support of our sponsors.  Thank you again to Steve Cranny of CRUISE Americard for his generous fuel sponsorship, you kept our film crew rolling!’

To learn more about a PHCC Ride & Decide Program near you, contact Tracy Threlfall at PHCC of California at or 916-925-7390.

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