PHCC of the Sacramento Valley awards 2014 Contractor & Affiliate of the Year

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PHCC of California congratulates Randy Shade of JR Pierce Plumbing, Inc. on his award as 2014 Contractor of the Year for PHCC of the Sacramento Valley.  JR Pierce is a fourth generation plumbing company in business since 1927.  Shade has served with JR Pierce for 37 years, and writes the following:

I started here (at JR Pierce Plumbing) when I was 24 years old & now after 37 years with the help of education from PHCC I still enjoy my job!  I believe in education is the key of staying ahead of the competition. One of the greatest places to learn, and meet great people, is the yearly convention – PHCC WEST. There are many great classes to choose from or I try to take them all – it’s alot of fun.  You should also try the bi-monthly meetings. We have speakers from the industry & a great time… and oh yeah GOOD FOOD & DRINK!

Another great source of education is the PHCC Training Facilities, offered statewide.  You can save a lot of time & money plus better employee retention by utilizing the training offered by the schools. Most of our students that go through the 4 year program (with the PHCC GSA Training Facility) become a foreman or lead person. This saves you a ton of money, not wasting your foreman’s on the job time training time. Have you ever heard of an owner saying, I wish business would be the same as it used to! It never will – so get on board with PHCC & move forward!!!

J.R. Pierce Plumbing has withstood 2 recessions & still operates under the same name, (unheard of these days). I attribute this to the quality controls that are set up by the owner Dennis Pierce & VP, hardworking supervisor & men/women in the field & office. They really work together.  Spend a little now & save in problems & service in the future .Dennis has 2 sons that work for the company, (no free rides here!). Just like Dennis’s dad did with his 2 sons. Now each son owns their own shop started by the family many years ago. Dennis has built up & branched out to 3 shops serving central California to Reno area. His older brother’s shop is still union in the bay area.

J.R. Pierce involved me in PHCC over 15 years ago. I have volunteered on the PHCC GSA Disciplinary board for many years, served as President for 2 years, taught code class, & have helped many others with code or engineering questions.  I’m the safety officer too. I start the day at 6:00am & really enjoy solving problems, engineering, estimating, including my favorites: radiant & solar design. All of this is very rewarding to me, (what goes around comes around).

The key to a great career is: great wife, kids, & family, stay with the same company, get on board with the many leaders at PHCC & their many professional contractors & affiliate members!!!


PHCC of California also congratulates Richard Ray of Pace Supply for his award as 2014 Affiliate of the Year.

An industry veteran of 34 years, Richard Ray of Pace Supply has worked for Pace Supply for the past 6 years, and served on the PHCC of the Sacramento Valley Board of Directors for the past 4.  He has also received honorary awards in recognition for his work with PHCC of California.