PHCC of San Diego Rolls Out Copper for Kids Program

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Donates $2500 to Walden Family Services, Inc. at the PHCC of San Diego 24th Annual Trade Show in Del Mar, CA.

San Diego, CA – PHCC of San Diego rolled out their Copper for Kids Program in a BIG way… with a BIG check at their 24th Annual Tradeshow in Del Mar, CA on March 5, 2016.  $2500 was donated to Walden Family Services, a Southern California agency that provides benefits to children in the foster care system, and assists those children in finding forever homes.  Connie Stevenson, President of PHCC of San Diego told us, ‘We’re very excited to bring Copper for Kids to the PHCC San Diego membership, and assist children in the foster care system to find forever homes. Our PHCC Contractors can donate the proceeds from their scrap copper to help these kids… it only takes $5000 to assist a child find a forever home.’

Copper for Kids

In an interview with Theresa Stivers, CEO of Walden Family Services, Stivers stated, ‘It was an honor and privilege to be a part of the PHCC of San Diego Tradeshow.    Walden Family Services is a foster and adoption  agency located throughout Southern California.  We also provide wrap around services and prevention programs; that kids don’t wind up in foster care in the first place.  It’s a wonderful partnership, we’re extremely proud and happy to be out in the community making these connections.’

Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President of PHCC of California writes, ‘PHCC of California’s Copper for Kids program has been in effect since 2012, with the belief that EVERY child deserves a forever home.  Children in the foster community are at risk of abuse, drugs, teen pregnancy, and age out at 18 with no home to call their own.  The participation of PHCC of San Diego brings a crucial and influential dimension to our program.  By bridging the PHCC contracting community with the Walden Family Services group in San Diego, we increase the awareness of both, and provide a unique partnership.  By providing Walden Family Services a check for $2500, PHCC of San Diego has made a huge difference in the life of a child in foster care and we thank them for furthering the PHCC Copper for Kids mission.’

To learn more about PHCC of California’s Copper for Kids program, visit our website here under the Copper for Kids tab or contact Tracy Threlfall at 916-925-7390.