PHCC of California is recognized by PHCC National for Legislative Achievement & Communications Awards

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2014 CONNECT Leg Award

Sacramento-The PHCC of California (CAPHCC) received numerous awards at the PHCC CONNECT 2014 Convention in New Orleans, LA. PHCC National’s 2014 Legislative Excellence Award was presented to Mike Barker, President and Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President of PHCC of California on Friday, October 10, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel New Orleans in recognition of outstanding achievement in advocacy service on behalf of PHCC members.  Presenting the award was Steve Rivers, PHCC National President and PHCC National Government Affairs Chair & Colonel George D. Scott Award Winner Mark Giebelhaus.

PHCC of California President Mike Barker, of Barker & Sons Plumbing of Orange County stated, ‘Those of you that follow PHCC of California’s communications know that, among other business challenges, California is a “unique” political environment for plumbing-heating-cooling contractors. We have known that CAPHCC does a phenomenal job of giving a political voice to the PHC industry but now our National Peers have recognized that and bestowed on us its PHCC National 2014 Legislative Excellence Award. This was influenced heavily by the work of our Government Relations Committee and PHCC of California’s Board of Directors in lobbying against a $5 increase in California’s “dual wage” system of compensation premiums.  Thanks to our efforts, the threshold was increased from $24 to $26, $3 less than initially proposed.  PHCC of California’s legislative advocacy saved the plumbing-heating-cooling contractors of California $6000 PER EMPLOYEE in higher premiums and/or wage expense.  Each of you should be proud of this award and we appreciate the efforts of PHCC of California’s volunteer leadership and EVP Tracy Threlfall and her staff based in Sacramento.  Also, this award would not have been possible without the assistance and influence of both our State and National Lobbyists, Richard Markuson in California and Mark Riso in Washington, DC.  We are all committed to exemplifying the PHCC ideals of ‘Best People.  Best Practices’.”

Geno Caccia, Government Relations Chair for PHCC of California said, ‘Legislative advocacy is the keystone of our member benefit as California’s trade association. Our members count on us to unite their voice, advocating for fairness and equality in open shop contracting and protecting their right to do business in California.  PHCC of California’s Action Alerts allow our members to write our politicians with just a few clicks, and status updates are issued bi-monthly through our EVP Report.  Our state offices acknowledge each member and industry affiliate that adds their voice to the issues facing our industry.  Utilizing this technology enables us to maintain a high visibility with our elected officials, and engage as THE VOICE of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Industry.’

PHCC of California also took home PHCC National AEC Spectrum Awards in Communications for best magazine, best social media and best expo/convention program in associations with 150+ members. PHCC of California Executive Vice President Tracy Threlfall comments, ‘Communications are critical in relaying our message to our membership, informing them of key issues we’re working on, training opportunities in their area and engaging on the topics they face as business owners every day.  Our PHCC CONNECT Magazine combines cutting edge industry news with direct communications from our volunteer leadership and industry partners, and we work hard to ensure the content relates directly to our membership.  Our social media activity is based on today’s communication culture, and the immediacy it brings to our events.  Social media encompasses our Facebook page,LinkedIn, our CAPHCC Youtube channel and new for 2014, our Twitter account.  Follow us at @PHCCofCA!  We invite all of our members to connect with us on these platforms.’

From Left to Right:

PHCC National President Steve Rivers, PHCC of California Executive Vice President Tracy Threlfall, PHCC of California President Mike Barker and PHCC National Government Affairs Chair & Colonel George D. Scott Award Winner Mark Giebelhaus.

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