For Immediate Release: PHCC of California Holds a Successful Day at the Capitol Event

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For Immediate Release                           Contact:  Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President, 916-925-7390

Sacramento, CA, January 18, 2017- A coalition of PHCC Contractors & Affiliate Partners made their voices heard at the California State Capitol, addressing issues with workforce development, career & technical education and CSLB enforcement.   Held January 18, 2017 at the historic Elks Tower, the PHCC of California Day at the Capitol 2017 included industry and legislative speakers, an award ceremony and luncheon that culminated with visits with 20 legislators and their staff at the California State Capitol.  PHCC of California President Geno Caccia stated, “One of the most crucial benefits of membership in the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association of California is legislative advocacy.  I was pleased to join the most respected and passionate PHCC leaders from across the state at the California Capitol.  We spoke on workforce development, CAPHCC’s Ride & Decide Program, Copper for Kids and CSLB enforcement, and the impact was impressive.  New relationships were created, and our PHCC Leaders were thrilled by the experience.  Some even found a new passion for government advocacy. ‘

To see our photo album featuring our day’s activities on Facebook click here.

President Caccia presented Huntington Beach Assemblyman Matthew Harper with the PHCC of California Legislative Award for 2016.  Richard Markuson, lobbyist for PHCC of California said, ‘In his first two years in the Assembly, Matthew Harper demonstrated exemplary consistency supporting California businesses, free enterprise and fair and open competition.   Recognized by CalChamber for “Best Business Votes 2016,” scoring an impressive 100% on NFIB’s Small Business Issues Tally, and given an A by Howard Jarvis, Harper was PHCC’s top supporting Assembly Member in 2016.  Harper spoke about the status of the state legislature with the new administration, legislative issues in Orange County, and the challenges with regulation and federal standards in California.

For a copy of the PHCC of California Day at the Capitol 2017 program click here.

Tab Berg president of TABcommunications, and Cindi A. Christenson, registrar for the CSLB were featured guest speakers.  Berg delivered an important message on constant and consistent communication with legislators and stressed the importance of communicating personally, stating that members who wrote their own notes and letters, and picked up the phone carried far more weight than weighing in on form letters.  Scott Harrison, President of Education with PHCC of Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino stated, ‘Having a face to face conversation with your legislator before you are in need is priceless and having a relationship with the legislators is critical when you’re a business owner in California.’  Cindi A. Christenson, Registrar of the Contractors State License Board was on hand to answer questions from the membership regarding unlicensed activity, contractor licensing issues and requested support from PHCC for sting operations.

The energy and excitement of the day was palpable as our members converged on the Capitol. Martin Hess of RepWest said, ‘I was very impressed with the access, time, and enthusiasm that the California Legislators gave to us. They didn’t just listen, we had genuine conversations on collaborating on career and technical education paths in the trades, and leveling the playing field for fair and open competition on taxpayer funded government projects.’ George Salet, Past President echoed this sentiment.  ‘I was both surprised and pleased by our visit to the State Capitol.  Our representatives were happy to see us, and listened to our requests and concerns, and took notes.  We’ve definitely opened the door to more interaction’.  Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President of PHCC of California said, ‘We appreciate the fact that Senator Jim Nielsen, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, Colonel Rocky Chavez, Assemblyman Steven Choi, PhD, among many others, took time to sit down with us.  They offered thoughtful insights and feedback on our core initiatives, which was very encouraging to our membership, and pledged partnership on key items such as workforce development and Copper for Kids.’

The next PHCC of California Day at the Capitol will be held May of 2018 in conjunction with PHCC WEST 2018 in Sacramento, CA.  For news on PHCC of California’s advocacy and legislative affairs, contact Tracy Threlfall, Executive Vice President at 916-925-7390 or at