PHCC of California has won the 2020 PHCC Grassroots Legislative Award!

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The 2020 Joint Merit Shop Legislative Day Has Been Growing!

Over the years, PHCC of CA has held legislative days where members walk the halls of the CA State Capitol, visiting legislators and their staff, promoting the interests of the plumbing, heating and cooling industry.

The past three years have seen a concerted effort by the association’s leadership and staff to focus on collaboration, messaging and member engagement.


The purposes of the 2020 Joint Merit Shop Legislative Day are:

  • Increase legislators’ awareness of the plumbing, heating, cooling industries, and PHCC’s profile;
  • Collaborate with merit shop trade groups to demonstrate the unity and power of the merit shop; and
  • Raise awareness among PHCC of CA membership about the importance and power of having a healthy and active government relations effort.


The event has seen steadily increasing attendance from 20 in 2018, 30 in 2019 to nearly 40 in 2020.  Six of the 7 PHCC local CA Chapters sent representatives to this year’s event; three chapters had representation for the first time in several years.

Participation and financial support came from a coalition of California merit shop trade associations – Independent Roofing Contractors of California; Associated Builders and Contractors of Northern California; Western Electrical Contractors Association, all run apprenticeship programs and have in their missions, fair and open competition for all.

Thank you to PHCC National for this awesome recognition!