PHCC of California awards the Lifetime Achievement to Bob Purzycki of BAVCO, Inc.

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For Immediate Release:             July 1, 2015

Los Angeles, CA – The PHCC of California Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor awarded to its members.  Introduced in 2011 the award is presented to a Contractor Member who has not only been a CAPHCC member for over 35 years, but has displayed the highest level of professionalism and integrity, and has been influential in the course and direction of the P-H-C industry and the PHCC of California itself.

On June 27th, 2015 at the PHCC of the Greater Los Angeles Installation & Graduation Dinner, PHCC National Vice President Patrick Wallner and PHCC of California President Louis Senteno presented Bob Purzycki of BAVCO, Inc, with this prestigious honor.  Bob’s local association accomplishments include Chairman of the PHCC GLAA Flow Expo for approximately 30 years, building it from a handful of table tops in a basement to the nation’s largest and most successful plumbing-heating-cooling trade show in the industry today.  Bob has chaired every available committee, and at a time when many of his colleagues have retired, Bob works hard to promote PHCC and the industry. He proctors the journeyman licensing exam for the City of Los Angeles, and is a member of ABPA.

A tireless volunteer, Purzycki serves on the USC Cross Connection Foundation, and has served on numerous code committees.  A prolific author, he was involved in writing the standards for the backflow industry, co-wrote the PHCC National Backflow book, and is a frequent contributor to Reeves-Journal and Plumbing & Mechanical on backflow issues.

Bob served as PHCC of California State President from 1993-1994, is a past PHCC of California Contractor of the Year, and has served as Trustee for the California Plumbing Contractors’ Safety Association, the PHCC of California Medical Insurance Trust and the Plumbing Contractors Insurance Services of California.  He was instrumental in raising scholarship money for the son of a national PHCC staff member killed in the 9-11 attacks.  Thanks to Bob’s prodigious service to the local, state and national PHCC organizations, the PHCC of California Lifetime Achievement Award is a well-deserved honor.

Purzycki states, ‘It does not seem like 35 years since I was lined up in front of the GLAA membership and introduced to each and every member there. In life, you get back what you invest your time in. Family, religion and work all play a key part of one’s life. I have been blessed in all of these areas. It was truly a surprise; my thanks to my fellow members for this great honor.

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