PHCC of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties’ Chris Bonetti Retires

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It was my privilege to attend the retirement party of Chris Bonetti, Executive Manager of PHCC of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties on September 20, 2022 at the Back 40 Barbeque in Pleasant Hill.  It was a fantastic turnout, friends and family (and with Chris, EVERYONE who participates with PHCC is family) gave wonderful tributes to Chris, who faithfully served PHCC ACCC for over 26 years.  There were tears, laughter, a lot of wine (of course), and love for a woman who has devoted much of her life to PHCC.  Her husband, Ray Bonetti of Frank Bonetti Plumbing, Inc. made a beautiful tribute video, filled with so many great memories.  You can view it here:  Chris Bonetti 2022.PPT

You can also search Tracy Threlfall or PHCC of California on LinkedIn, or visit PHCC of California on Facebook or Instagram for more photos, and there’s a  TikTok video as well.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Chris.  Krystle Reddoch has assumed Chris’ very tiny but very large shoes; you can email her at  You want to get to know her, she’s a great person, and has thrown her heart into PHCC.  We are here to support her, and I know you will be too!

Tracy Threlfall, Chief Executive Officer