PHCC National Update by Dr. Gerry Kennedy, Executive Vice President

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  • PHCC Fights EPA Expansion of “Waters of the U.S.” On Wednesday, November 12, 2014, PHCC National joined hands with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to submit comments to the EPA requesting the withdrawal of an EPA rulemaking to expand the definition of “waters of the United States.”  The comments were supported by 375 other organizations, including 50 state Chambers of Commerce.  As reported last month, the EPA intends to increase federal authority under the Clean Water Act so that it can regulate ditches as tributaries, snow and rain runoff from equipment and storage areas, ponds and impoundments, and any area in which any water may drain into any other water.  PHCC National also issued a press release regarding the comments.  PHCC National will keep members up-to-date on the issue.
  • Workforce Development Is A Priority.  It goes without saying that the recruitment and training of the next generation of skilled workers for our industry is a top priority.  Last month PHCC National President Kevin Tindall convened a task force to formally address this issue.  The task force is composed of present and former members of the PHCC—National Association and PHCC Educational Foundation Boards of Directors.  During the first task force meeting members discussed an inventory of tools currently available to PHCC members.  The list is impressive and one of the first action items will be to update the PHCC website with information about all the tools that are available, then communicate this to members.  Over the last few days, former NYC Mayor Bloomberg and CNN consultant Mike Rowe spoke about the value of careers in the skilled trades.  Click on the links above to view their comments.  As the task force continues its work periodic updates will be provided in this report. If you would like information now about available programs, please contact Merry Beth Hall.