PHCC National Assoc & Ed Foundation Report by Gerry Kennedy, EVP

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  • EPA’s Recent Action on Refrigerants. This week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new approved “climate-friendly” refrigerants.  The new rule is part of the Administration’s Climate Action Plan to decrease emissions of potent greenhouse gases.  Click here to read about EPA’s announcement this week.
  • Supreme Court Begins Work on Landmark Case.  This week the Supreme Court began oral arguments in King v Burwell…the petitioners in this case want the Court to rule that the Obama Administration must abide by the provisions of the Affordable Care Act regarding  insurance subsidies.  The text of the Affordable Care Act law requires that all subsidies must flow through exchanges established by the states, not the federal government.  However, due to the refusal of 36 states to set up their own exchanges, the federal government established the exchanges in those states.  In other words, only state exchanges may offer subsidies-which would disallow millions of Americans subsidies.  The ruling is expected in June as the Court ends its current term.