PHCC GSA Training Facility Updates by Theresa Perez, Training Coordinator


  • 10/7/14: Tyler Kruse with Milwaukee Tools demonstrated tools with hands-on activities with students.
  • 10/8/14: Leo Deagon with Plumbing Products Group gave a demo on PEX to the students and instructed hands on training activates.
  • 10/9/14: Jim Casey of Osborne held a PEX of Gas Demo training for the students and the public to attend at the training facility.
  • 10/9/14: PHCC GSA PUAC & PHCC of CA participated in PHCC San Francisco & San Mateo Counties trade show at the convention center with a great turn out.
  • 10/13/14: Marty Uyeno of RD Kincaide Company brought breakfast to the students for a hands-on training demo on Ward Flex.
  • 10/14/14: Cindy Rash of ABC Norcal trained the apprentices on how to research Public Works Wages.
  • 10/17/14: Maria Perez from Emergency Services Restoration brought breakfast for the student and conducted water restoration training with our 1st year students.
  • Next class scheduled is our 4.1A Track starting 11/3 – 11/14/2014.