PHCC GSA Training Facility Attends Career and Resource Fair Connecting Sacramento Youth with Opportunities for Success:

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On February 22, nearly 20 organizations, state agencies, and local partners joined efforts to provide career planning and community resources for students attending El Centro Jr./Sr. High School in Sacramento County. This Juvenile Court School program, which serves youth up to 25 years old within the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility, was the site of the 10th Annual Career and Resource Fair, an event aimed at helping students set goals for a successful future.

The Career and Resource Fair is a critical event for planting seeds in the minds of students who may have faced numerous obstacles in their lives. By connecting with training opportunities, colleges, and potential employers, they hear firsthand stories from the employees and representatives of the various organizations at the fair. They also learn about job-hunting techniques and how to access post-secondary education.

Our own Jerry Threlfall, Foundation Administrator for PHCC of California, as well as Administrative Assistant Logan Davis, were on hand to assist these young adults in learning more about the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling trades and how to get into these successful careers. Jerry shared, “It’s always a great day when we get to bring the message of opportunity the plumbing-heating-cooling trades offer to anybody that is willing to put in some time and some effort. Most of the young people we talk to have no idea about the lifestyle that being a trained and skilled plumber can provide. Here at PHCC GSA Training Facility, we have a passion for training and apprenticeship and hope to pass that along wherever we can. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be included in such an event and we are grateful for the opportunity to be involved.”

Cari Wernicke, SCOE Transition Specialist, said, “Over the years, we’ve seen the rewards of hosting these fairs. Students connect with training opportunities or colleges, they meet potential employers in industries they are interested in, and they are provided with many resources that help them prepare for re-entering the community or workforce.”

The SCOE Juvenile Court School program serves junior and senior high school students who are detained in facilities supervised by the Sacramento County Probation Department. The program utilizes a standards-aligned curriculum and career-technical education to provide learning experiences for the students. It also helps students develop and implement a student success plan for effective living and learning.

The Career and Resource Fair was organized by SCOE staff in conjunction with the Sacramento County Probation Department. 

“The PHCC of California Pipeline to Success and the PHCC GSA Training Facility offers outreach in our under-served communities and introduces at-risk youth to possibilities they didn’t know existed.  Many of these young people were unaware that they had choices.  While some have made poor choices, and think they’ve run out of options, we let them know that they’re not alone.  Our program brings hope and the promise to these kids that, if they’re willing to work with their heads, their hearts, and their hands, that real opportunity awaits them, without judgment.  Seeing their lights come on when they hear about the opportunities that await them fuels our efforts; it’s the ultimate reward,” states CEO of PHCC of California Tracy Threlfall.

By bringing together these organizations and agencies, the Career and Resource Fair helps bridge the gap between youth who may have had a difficult start in life and the resources and opportunities that can set them on a path to success. Through exposure to various career paths and resources, these students are better equipped to create a student success plan and pursue their goals.

Events like the Career and Resource Fair provide a valuable service to the community and are essential for ensuring that youth have the tools they need to thrive. By investing in their futures, we invest in the future of our communities and our economy. PHCC of California has always and will continue to support initiatives like this that help connect youth with opportunities for success. 

To learn about PHCC of California’s Pipeline to Success or state and federally registered apprenticeship, contact Jerry Threlfall at 916.640-0910 or email’.

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