PHCC Contractors: Become a P G & E Multifamily Upgrade Program Partner Today!

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PG&E’s Multifamily Upgrade Program offers assessment and upgrade incentives to multifamily property owners for making qualifying, comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades.  Participating Raters perform a comprehensive whole building diagnostic assessment, work with the building owner to develop a scope of work, and oversee installation of the energy efficiency upgrades. All projects work with Participating Contractors to install upgrades.

Participation Benefits

The existing multifamily housing sector holds great potential for energy savings. As a program Partner, raters and contractors will have access to significant benefits. As a rater or contractor Partner, you can:

  • Expand your professional service offerings to large projects with larger budgets
  • Deepen your building expertise through exclusive multifamily building trainings and mentoring
  • Develop better, more systems-based scopes of work for multifamily properties, leading to increased customer satisfaction
  • Engage a new client base of multifamily property owners and managers
  • Join your peers in an exclusive Partner rater and contractor listing on the program website

How to Become a Partner

You may be eligible to join the Multifamily Upgrade Program as a Partner Rater or Contractor if you meet all participation eligibility criteria, complete program orientation and training requirements, and sign a participation agreement. Steps to become a program Partner:

  1. Attend a mandatory Partner orientation webinar
  2. Provide documentation for all required license and certifications
  3. Provide proof of insurance
  4. Sign and abide by the PG&E Multifamily Upgrade Program Partner Rater or Partner Contractor agreement

Contact Shannon Todd at the Multifamily Upgrade Program at (866) 352-7457 or via email at