PHCC Action Alert – San Diego Members – Your PLA Opposition Is Needed!


Civic San Diego, the redevelopment arm of the City, is engaged in a collaborative process on how to build urban neighborhoods. There has been a move by some in the community to restrict contractors when it comes to future redevelopment projects in downtown, Encanto, and City Heights.

They are now creating a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA), to be signed by community groups and by the developer, setting forth a range of “benefits” that the developer agrees to provide as part of a development project. Labor and their allies are pushing for CBA to include usual PLA use of union-only apprenticeship programs, local hire requirements and assorted discriminatory requirements. 

PHCC members are requested to counter those arguments and push for more inclusive community benefits!

Simply click here and follow the directions….there are four specific questions we would like you to answer: (you will be required to log in or create a free account to post)

Question 2:  If a new development was providing community benefits to your neighborhood, ideally what would it do socially?

Suggested Answer:  Provide a diverse construction workforce, and train the future workforce through apprenticeship.

Question 4:  If a new development was providing community benefits to your neighborhood, ideally what would it do economically?

Suggested Answer:  Create construction jobs, allow for workers to come from union and non-union apprenticeship programs, and not limit the neighborhood in San Diego where the workers live.

Question 5:  What one benefit, if made a priority, do you believe would allow Civic San Diego to have the greatest positive impact?

Suggested Answer:  Fair and open bidding process for contractors.

Question 7A:  Select from the list below the stakeholder groups you feel must be included in future community benefit conversations.

Suggested Answers:  Apprenticeship Organizations, Contractors

With your help, we can make sure all contractors have an opportunity to redevelop San Diego’s urban neighborhoods, and that all workers and apprenticeship programs are included in the process.