PHCC Action Alert! Oppose AB2416

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Greetings PHCC of California Member and business-minded industry partner,
This is very important…to you.PHCC is a member of a large coalition of business and good government groups who oppose AB 2416. The bill is a CalChamber “job killer” and we would like you to contact your Senator to ask them to vote NO.The bill:

  1. Allows employees, employees’ representatives, including creditors, to file pre-judgment wage liens against the real property of innocent third party homeowners and the real and personal property of an employer.
  2. Violates due process as it does not provide a realistic opportunity to prevent the taking of property through the recording of a pre-judgment wage lien.
  3. Forces innocent parties and the employer to incur costs and attorney’s fees to remove liens.
  4. Is not limited to minimum wage violations – but includes all wage violations and all penalties under the Labor Code, as determined by the employee. 
  5. Allows the lien to be filed by employee, employee representative, or even a creditor of the employee.
  6. Interferes with financing opportunities and real estate transactions for third party homeowners and employers.
  7. Alleges protections for property owners but these do not take effect until after the lien has already been recorded and the property essentially seized.

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This is your opportunity to “citizen lobby” the issue.  YOU hold the key!

Remember, EVERY phone call, email, fax and letter received from a constituent is considered EXTREMELY important… as the constituent represents hundreds of like minds that have not called or written.  Our industry, our businesses and our livelihoods rest on the shoulders of committed individuals such as yourself. Remember… PHCC of California Members and our partners are THE VOICE of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Industry for California!Sincerely,


Tracy Threlfall
Executive Vice President
PHCC of California