New Posting Requirement for Single Use Toilets by Richard Markuson, CAPHCC Lobbyist Uncategorized

New Posting Requirement for Single-User Toilets

AB 1732 (Ting D- San Francisco) requires, commencing on March 1, 2017, businesses, places of public accommodation, or state or local government offices that offer a single-user toilet facility to be designated as an all-gender toilet facility, and authorizes inspectors, building officials, or other local officials responsible for code enforcement to inspect for compliance with these provisions during any inspection.

So what does that mean for small business owners (or big ones too)?

The scope of AB 1732 is limited to single-user toilets located in any business. The bill did not address multi-stall restrooms. For business that have single-user restrooms, they will be required to make those restrooms all-gender accessible.

The bill does not require businesses to add or remove existing restroom facilities or alter current restroom structures, it simply requires a single-user toilet facility (meant for one single-user occupant at a time) to be made available to any person, regardless of a person’s gender. Enforcement of the bill is delegated to a health officer or inspector, at the local level, but does not require those inspectors to do so.

Signage Requirements. The CBC requires certain signage designations for restroom facilities which include only a geometric symbol. Terms frequently seen on restroom doors such as “restroom,” “male,” or “female” are not currently required under the current CBC. Symbols are required on restroom doors or immediately adjacent to restroom entrances when doors are not available. Geometric symbols are intended for visually impaired persons to identify the appropriate restroom facility to use. If word designations are included on the sign, then there are additional compliance requirements including type, size and font. Compliance with the CBC requirements for bathroom signage is typically handled by local building officials.

If you use a janitorial firm to supply or clean your restrooms – they can probably provide appropriate signage that complies with Title 24 – or you can always check the ole interweb.