Meet Tim Rutledge – PHCC GSA Training Facility’s Newest Instructor

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The PHCC GSA Training Facility is proud to introduce Tim Rutledge, our newest instructor.  Tim is a fourth generation plumber, and former PHCC apprentice who trained under Richard Carrington.

With a background in commercial (on such projects as Red Hawk Casino, UC Davis Pavillion, Proctor & Gamble and more) and service and repair for over 10 years, Tim is uniquely qualified to train future PHCC apprentices.

Tim Rutledge

As many of you know, Richard Carrington adheres to the highest standards an instructor can aspire to.  His MANY years of plumbing, association management and industry experience have made him invaluable.  His guidance, wisdom and sheer ‘elbow grease’ have been unmatched, and he is a critical part of the PHCC GSA Team.  In recent weeks, life changes caused Dick to redirect his path and look at taking on a support instructor role.  His recommendation of Tim and subsequent support have been invaluable.  Dick continues to work with Tim in the classroom, and will train his last 4th year class in May.

Richard Carrington Headshot

Dick’s recommendation of Tim, and his subsequent guidance have smoothed the transition, and we are grateful for his support.  He will continue to serve as a substitute instructor, and work with us on supplementary training.  I will not say ‘he will be missed’, because we won’t allow him to get far away enough for that, but we do appreciate his mentorship of Tim, and we’re excited for the future of PHCC Apprenticeship with the PHCC GSA PUAC under Tim’s instruction and Dick’s support.

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