July 2020: What My State Membership $s Have Done For Me Lately 

PHCC of CaliforniaNews for PHCC Members - All

PHCC of CA is involved in a regional coalition that successfully pressed for a 30-day postponement of adopting an emergency COVID 19 ordinance that included onerous provisions on an employer’s right to recall as well as civil liability penalties.

As proposed, the right-to-recall provision, essentially subjected contractors to a collective bargaining agreement without having any input. The civil liberties provisions, while designed to target the industry’s bad actors, makes sweeping penalties against those that are making efforts to meet the many and changing ordinances responding to COVID 19.

The 30-day stay is providing the opportunity for business and industry to be involved in discussions and has already yielded removal of the onerous right-to-recall language.

Thank you for your continuing financial support of PHCC of California’s efforts to stop unreasonable and unnecessary regulation before it effects you, your business and employees.