Important March 2020 Election Information

PHCC of CaliforniaLegislative

Dear PHCC members

The California Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom placed Prop 13 on the March ballot last year to sell bonds for school construction. But because of the influence of the State Building and Construction Trades Council, and the acquiescence of developers and other business groups, it includes a provision that gives priority to school districts with a Project Labor Agreement (PLA).

As the San Jose Mercury News said recently, when it encouraged a “NO” vote on Prop 13, “Four years ago, when California voters last approved state school construction bonds, we objected to the measure, Proposition 51, because it continued the developer subsidy. Proposition 13 on the March 3 ballot makes it worse. Voters should reject it. Prop. 13 would drive up the cost of school construction by giving priority for state funding to projects that include union labor agreements [PLAs]. State law for public projects, including school construction, already requires paying prevailing wages for the area. This would further push up the cost by discouraging non-union contractors from bidding on the work.”

The PHCC Board voted to oppose Prop 13 because of this language.

PHCC encourages you to share information about Prop 13 with employees, family, friends, and business associates. If Prop 13 passes with this PLA language PHCC is concerned it will be incorporated in every ballot measures and funding legislation approved by the California Legislature.

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