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UPC Freeze Protect

What Changed
312.6 Freezing Protection.
No water, soil, or waste pipe shall be installed or permitted outside of a building, in attics or crawl spaces, or in an exterior wall unless, where necessary, adequate provision is made to protect such pipe from freezing.

Why It Changed
The current text does not account for locations such as attics and crawl spaces that may be susceptible to freezing temperatures. Therefore, the revision is necessary to protect piping installed in such locations from freezing.

What It Means To Me
The installer and inspectors must be aware of locations that may allow piping to be exposed to freezing. Piping shall not be installed in these areas unless provisions are in place to prevent freezing. The addition of attics and crawl spaces clarifies such locations.

Piping can be protected by using insulation or heat tapes. However, local conditions and the authority having jurisdiction have the final say over how protection is deemed “adequate.”

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