Govt Affairs Update by Richard Markuson, CAPHCC Lobbyist Legislative, News for PHCC Members - All


AB 2116 by Assembly Member James M. Gallagher would require the governing board of a school district to obtain reasonable and informed projections of assessed property valuations from an independent third party not associated with the bond measure before placing a bond measure on a ballot. The media has covered the outrageous behavior of some school districts and their lack of fiduciary responsibility.


AB 2286 by Assembly Member Kevin Mullin would increase various CSLB fee limitations and would additionally provide that the application fee to add personnel to an existing license be no more than $150. The bill would also increase the delinquent renewal penalty. Below is how the fees could change.


current 2286
Application fee $300 $360
Add additional classification $75 $300
Replace RMO/RME $75 $300
Add personnel $0 $150
initial license fee for an active or inactive license $180 $220
renewal fee for an active license $360 $430
renewal fee for an inactive license $180 $220
registration fee for a home improvement salesperson $75 $90
renewal fee for a home improvement salesperson $75 $90
hazardous substance removal certification examination $75 $90


AB 2302 by Assembly Member Matthew Harper would urge the regents to refrain from forming a labor institute at the University of California, Irvine. The UC funds labor institutes at UCLA and UC Berkeley. Apparently, Mr. Harper believes two state-funded labor institutes suffice.

SB 1209 by Senator Mike Morrell would require that disclosure of citations issued by CSLB also appear, for the period of disclosure of the citation, on the license record of any other license that was issued, or was associated with the license subject to the citation, on or after the date of the act or omission that led to the citation and the other license includes a member of the personnel of record who, at the time that the act or omission occurred that led to the citation, was identified as a qualifier of the license subject to the citation.