For Immediate Release: Keith Zierk of Vets 4 You Plumbing wins PHCC of California’s Excellence in Diversity Award for 2022

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Sacramento, CA – July 2, 2022: Keith Zierk is awarded the PHCC of California Excellence in Diversity Award for 2022 at PHCC WEST 2022 in Lake Tahoe, NV

The PHCC of California Excellence in Diversity Award recognizes members that display exemplary diversity leadership in their workforce, supply chain and community with best-in-class recruitment policies, retention practices and training and mentoring programs.

The winner of the Excellence in Diversity Award is Keith Zierk of Vets 4 You Plumbing from the PHCC of San Diego.

The Vets 4 You Program was created by Keith to help create a pipeline into the trades for veterans who have yet to find a place in the world outside of the armed forces. Keith has a diverse team of veterans who train in-house and sends them to the PHCC of San Diego Academy through sponsorship. Keith is a current board of director for the San Diego chapter and contributes as a member of both PHCC of San Diego’s financial committee and academy committee. He also serves as a member of the government relations committee for PHCC of CA.

Photo Credit: PHCC of San Diego

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