How are Apprentice wages calculated on private work?

Tracy Threlfall

How are Apprentice wages calculated on private work?

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  1. Use the 40/80 Private Wage Determination Excel Calculator located on the shared drive under:

Private and 4080 Scale
Titled ‘40% – 80% Formula’ on an excel document (DAS created for PHCC)

  1. Determine which Prevailing Wage (PW) determination period applies. (The effective date to determine the proper PW determination period is to look at what is in effect on March 2nd )

On February 22nd the rates are posted and will not be effective until 10 days later on March 4th.

The 40/80 rule requires use of the PW determination period that is in effect on March 2nd which is the prior PW determination period.


Program says wages effective on May 1, 2012.  Which PW determination period to use for comparison?

PW determination period at first one would think the 2012-1 period.  But 2012-1 is not in effect until March 4, 2012 so we must look to the PW determination period in effect on March 2, 2012…which is 2011-2.

3. Run the 40/80 for the 2011-2 using the PW journeyman total wage figure and use the number of periods specific to that program. PHCC run off 8 periods.