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Don’t forget about your CSLB Member Benefit!  Send all paperwork to our state office PRIOR to submitting to CSLB.  We will review for accuracy, submit your paperwork IN PERSON and follow your paperwork through to completion.

In submitting paperwork for a PHCC Member Contractor for 28 licensed technicians, we learned the following fact:

If you are submitting more than one Home Improvement Salesperson Application to the CSLB, you must submit a separate check for each technician.  Writing one check for multiple technicians will cause the CSLB to treat the entire package as ONE, and if one mistake is found, the entire package will be kicked back.

Avoid delay, and submit one check per technician application form.

Have a question you’d like answered?  Send to Tracy Threlfall at tracy@caphcc.org and we will answer your question in an upcoming issue of THE EVP REPORT.