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Did you know?

If you hire a new employee that is currently registered as a Home Improvement Salesperson with another company/employer they must submit a new application registration to be eligible to work as a Home Improvement Salesperson with your company?

From the CSLB website:

 A home improvement salesperson may work for any number of contractors and sell a variety of goods and services, but a salesperson employed by more than one contractor must register separately for each contractor. Each registration will require a separate application and registration fee. Each time a home improvement salesperson changes employment from one contractor to another, or is employed by an additional contractor, he or she must become registered as a home improvement salesperson for the new contractor. Each contractor’s license must be current, active, and in good standing.

Read here for more information.

Did you know?

All employees registering as Home Improvement Salespeople must disclose their full criminal history to be considered eligible for application.  A criminal conviction does not necessarily exclude an employee from eligibility, but failure to disclose criminal convictions, even expunged files, can cause an applicant to be rejected.

From the CSLB website:

If you have any conviction of any kind (misdemeanor, felony, etc.), regardless of the nature of the conviction or when the conviction occurred, you must check the “Yes” box and provide the requested information. A conviction means a plea or verdict of guilty or a conviction following a plea of nolo contendere. Please be aware that if you have any criminal record, all convictions are reported to CSLB, including those that have been sealed, expunged, or reduced under Penal Code section 1203.4 or an applicable code of another state. Failure to disclose all convictions is falsification of the application, which was signed under penalty of perjury, and is grounds for denial.

You must start by checking the “Yes” box for Question #11 (regarding applicants’ convictions) on the application. You are required to attach a statement disclosing all pleas/convictions, including laws violated, and thoroughly explain in your own words the acts or circumstances that resulted in the plea/conviction. In addition, the following must be included for each plea/conviction: date of the plea/conviction, county and state where the violation took place, name of the court, court case number, sentence imposed, jail/prison term served, terms and conditions of parole or probation, parole or probation completion dates, and parole agent/probation officer names and phone numbers. You may submit the required information using the “Disclosure Statement Regarding Criminal Plea/Conviction” form. Applicants also may be asked to provide certified copies of the court records, including the complaint, complete docket, judgment and sentence, and probation reports, if any, for all convictions. You also may be asked to provide copies of police and/or other investigating agency reports, as well as certified copies of decisions from other state or federal agencies, if applicable. Providing these documents will assist CSLB in processing your application as quickly as possible.

For more information regarding Fingerprinting, visit the CSLB website here.

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