Codes & Licensing Help Define Professionalism


The integrity of plumbing systems relies on the experience and know-how of professional plumbers. Their know-how has been incorporated into the National
Standard Plumbing Code administered by PHCC. It is one of three model plumbing
codes used by local communities throughout the United States as a basis for codes
suitable to their local environment.
Scores of code committees exist in jurisdictions around the country. Examine them
closely, and you’ll almost always find PHCC members serving on the committees, or at least giving input at hearings. Code committees usually are comprised of representatives from various sectors of the plumbing industry. PHCC always has believed the professional plumbing contractor to be first among equals as a driver of codes that promote the health
and safety of the American public.

That’s because PHCC professional plumbers, more than anyone else, combine knowledge of plumbing theory with practical experience. Moreover, they do so without special interests to protect. Codes are only as good as their implementation and enforcement. Licensing standards assure a minimal level of technical skill and code knowledge by persons who purport to call themselves plumbers.
Thanks to tireless efforts by PHCC members past and present, only a handful of states in the United States lack professional licensing for plumbing contractors. PHCC professionals are in the forefront of efforts throughout the nation to assure that the term “master plumber” has meaning.

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Excerpted from:
The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association Celebrates 125 Years