Code Update by Tim Rutledge, PHCC GSA Instructor

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Code update: Appendix N

Impact of water temperature on the potential for scalding and Legionella growth

What Changed:

  • An additional appendix with definitions and charts specifically for scalding and Legionella growth.

Why it Changed:

 UPC technical committee chair, Dan Daniels, requested and was approved to form a task group to examine waterborne pathogens and associated scald risk provisions. The Legionella Task Group forwards its recommendations to the UPC technical Committee for consideration. These recommendations include water supply temperature for scalding and potential for Legionella growth.

 For further information, IAPMO members have access to the development of the code, proposals and monographs of all code development at

What it means to you:

-The plumbing trade requires safe potable water for sanitation to protect the health of the nation. The development of the Legionella task force provides useful information to ensure the delivery of safe potable water. IAPMO has adopted Appendix N which provides definitions and charts to better understand the dangers of water temperatures for scalding and legionella growth.