CBSC Green Building Focus Group Meeting Notice/Agenda

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 February 5th, 2015

10:00 am – 5:00 pm


2525 Natomas Park Drive



Teleconference number 877-953-8408, Participant number 3177657

Notice is hereby given that the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) is convening a Green Building Focus Group workshop to assist in the development of green building standards for the 2015 Triennial Code Adoption Cycle. The public is invited to attend and provide their input or comments.

Proposed substantive provisions for nonresidential occupancies shown in preliminary draft express terms may be viewed at the CBSC website. (

If you are unable to access the CBSC website, please telephone 916-263-0916 to request hard copy draft express terms.

Agenda items:

  1. Welcome and housekeeping information
  2. Self-Introductions/sign in sheet
  3. Scope and schedule update for the 2015 Triennial Code Adoption Cycle
  4. CBSC Proposed substantive provisions for nonresidential occupancies shown in preliminary draft express terms:
    1. Phased Projects – Clarification
    2. Long-Term Bicycle Parking-Clarification
    3. Light Pollution Reduction-Exceptions
    4. Increase Recycling from 50% to 65% & updating Tier 1 & Tier 2
    5. Commissioning Exceptions and Applicability
    6. Nonwater Urinals and Waterless Toilets – New Voluntary Code
    7. CALGreen Tier 1 and 2 Scope clarification 
  1. Other items proposed by state agencies or other stakeholders:
    1. Universal Waste – New proposed requirement – IRS, inc*
    2. EVSE – Increasing EV parking requirements Mandatory & Voluntary – CARB**
    3. Water Conserving Fixtures and Fittings/Commercial Kitchens/Outdoor Water Use – Energy Solutions on behalf of Statewide Electric Utilities Codes & Standards Team-items 5c-5h
    4. Indoor Plumbing Fixture Flow Rates
    5. Outdoor Potable Water Use
    6. Outdoor Stormwater and Sediment Management
    7. Commercial Food Service Equipment-Mandatory
    8. Commercial Food Service Equipment-Voluntary
    9. Compost & Mulch Requirements-StopWaste
    10. Recycled Content-Mandatory & Voluntary-CALRecycle
    11. Recycling by Occupants-Organic Waste- CALRecycle
    12. Waste Diversion- CALRecycle
    13. Indoor Water Use-Metering Faucets-Mandatory-PMI***
    14. Indoor Water Use-Voluntary-PMI***

*Interior Removal Specialist, Inc.

**California Air Resources Board

***Plumbing Manufacturers International

  1. Other items not listed on the agenda
  2. Adjourn


  • CBSC meetings operate under the requirements of the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act set forth in Govt. Code Section 11120-11132. The Act generally requires CBSC to publicly notice meetings, prepare agendas, accept public testimony, and conduct sessions in public unless specifically authorized by the Act to meet in closed session.
  • The CBSC conducts public meetings to ensure adequate opportunity for public participation and to perform a technical review of code changes pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 18929.1. Materials reviewed during meetings are available for public review and comment on the commission website at .  Members of the public may also contact the commission to request a copy of the materials. 
  • Meeting facilities and restrooms are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Requests for accommodations for individuals with disabilities (assistive listening device, sign-language interpreters, etc.) should be made to the commission office no later than ten (10) working days prior to the day of the meeting. 
  • If Paratransit services are needed, they may be contacted at (916) 429-2744 or 800-956-6776, or TDD (916) 429-2568 in Sacramento. Sacramento Regional Transit ( has public transit available the day of the meeting. For routes contact Sacramento Regional Transit at (916) 321-BUSS (2877); for hearing impaired (916) 483-HEAR (4327). 
  • Parking is available on site. 
  • Meetings are subject to cancellation, and agenda items are subject to removal, continuance or referral. Please contact the California Building Standards Commission with any questions concerning this notice/agenda at 2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 130, Sacramento, California  95833, by telephone at (916) 263-0916, or visit the CBSC website at .