AB 1825 – Sexual Harassment Training Available as CAPHCC Benefit

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Assembly Bill 1825 requires employers with over 50 employees to provide sexual harassment training to supervisory employees every two years.  However, sexual harassment and diversity issues can spring up at any company of any size, and can be a huge liability for all employers. PHCC of California offers Sexual Harassment & Diversity Training, as a PHCC state member benefit to …

Meet Tim Rutledge – PHCC GSA Training Facility’s Newest Instructor

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The PHCC GSA Training Facility is proud to introduce Tim Rutledge, our newest instructor.  Tim is a fourth generation plumber, and former PHCC apprentice who trained under Richard Carrington. With a background in commercial (on such projects as Red Hawk Casino, UC Davis Pavillion, Proctor & Gamble and more) and service and repair for over 10 years, Tim is uniquely qualified to …

Asbestos Overview by Gio Fanelli, Trainer, ERT

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Download the .pdf of this article ASBESTOS OVERVIEW by Gio Fanelli. Recently several PHCC of California contractors have incurred liability on construction projects by not testing for asbestos prior to performing work.  PHCC of California called on industry expert Gio Fanelli, Environmental Consultant and Trainer at ERT to educate our membership.  Gio writes: The word Asbestos is not a scientific …

Skilled & Trained Workforce Overview

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  To read each bill individually, click the below links: List of Bills Pertaining to Skilled and Trained Workforce SB 54 (2013) Refinery SB 785 (2014) City/County Design Build AB 1358 (2015) School Design Build AB 566 (2015) School Lease/Lease-back AB 1185 (2015) Best Value for Los Angeles Unified School District SB 762 (2015) Best Value Pilot

A Second Chance with PHCC, by Tracy Threlfall, EVP with Nicholas Matteson, Iron Mechanical

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Nicholas Matteson is a 34 year old 4th year plumbing apprentice with Iron Mechanical, Inc.  Born into a troubled background, Nick came from a broken home, where drugs and chaos were a persistent problem.  Echoing the family dynamic, he became hooked on drugs himself.  Kicked out of high school, Nick wound up homeless, living on the streets in Sacramento.  As …


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HAP flyer 7-2015 GET $$$ FOR NEW HIRES! HIRING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM! By participating in the Hiring Assistance Program, PHCC of the Sacramento Valley Employers can bring on a qualified new employee and receive cash reimbursements for providing necessary orientation and training to that employee. Grant money can be  between $2700 and $5000!  Total reimbursement will depend on availability of funds, …

Fire Terms are the Words to Avoid, by Vincent Ivan Phipps, MA, Communication Coach and Author of “Speak Like a Pro!”

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In communication, there are certain words that we use on a regular basis that we think are okay or even good to use in a conversation. In actuality, these words can make situations worse.  Call these words “Fire Terms”, because they create defensiveness in others making conversations heated. Here are some Fire Terms. BUT The Heat: Use of the word “but” …

James Caccia Plumbing, Inc. Trains With VIP Communications

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Vincent Ivan Phipps Delivers Another Dynamite Session San Mateo, CA – August 4, 2015 – James Caccia Plumbing, Inc.welcomed Vincent Ivan Phipps of VIP Communications, Inc. to their training center for personalized training with their entire team.  As many of you know, Vincent was one of the keynote speakers at PHCC WEST 2015 in Maui, HI and he delivered the same …

California Construction Contracts by Kenneth S. Grossbart, Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman

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A written construction contract is a very important document that is overlooked by too many contractors.  A  contract is the best tool with respect to proving what was agreed upon, especially in the case of a dispute.  There is no one-stop construction contract for all projects.  What is required and what should be included in a contract will depend on …