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We are pleased to inform you that the Home for the Holidays Challenge for Copper for Kids was met with $10k being donated by CAPHCC Board & Staff contributions, PHCC of the Sacramento Valley and PHCC of San Francisco & San Mateo Counties members combined. This was also due in no small part to a great deal of fund raising enthusiasm contributed (as well as matching funds) by Diamond Sponsor Boyett Petroleum and Steve Cranny to the Copper for Kids Program.  Two children are assured of finding a forever home due in no small part to these efforts.

An additional $14k was raised by PHCC of San Diego’s Warrior Foundation, PHCC of the Greater Los Angeles Area for Our Heroes Dreams, and PHCC of Alameda & Contra Costa CountiesHonor Flight – all valuable organizations providing hope and services to our nation’s veterans.

This led to a combined total of $24k raised for PHCC Charities statewide in less than a weeks’ time.  Click here to see pictures from the holiday events.

Combine that with hundreds of toys being donated by PHCC of Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino, PHCC of the Redwood Empire and PHCC of San Francisco & San Mateo Counties, and we are humbled by the generosity of our members and staff, many of whom donated personally.  Thank you to everyone who donated.

Want to be included in our ranks and change the lives of children in foster care?  Click here for a donation form , complete and fax to 916-925-7623 Attn:  Debbie Baker and make a final charitable donation for 2015.

There is no better feeling than making a difference in the life of a child or a veteran, and we truly appreciate your support.