CAPHCC Answers the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from PHCC Texas!

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PHCC of Texas’ Executive Director Nancy Jones and Director of Operations Alicia Dover called out  PHCC of California for the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’. This viral media sensation has engaged celebrities, politicians and has now reached PHCC Chapters across the nation.  Contestants have 24 hours to respond to the call to dump an ice bucket over their heads or pay $100 to the ALS Association.  Our staff was pleased to participate, particularly our Bookkeeper Debbie Baker, who lost her mother to the disease.  PHCC of California staff called out the following individuals:

Click here to see PHCC of California’s response video!

Tracy Threlfall, EVP, PHCC of California called out the following:

AEC President Beth Killen, PHCC of Tennessee
PHCC National Vice Presidential Candidate Patrick Wallner, PHCC of Far Northern California
PHCC WEST Diamond Sponsor & Partner, Erik Plantenberg, Federated Insurance

Debbie Baker, Bookkeeper, PHCC of California called out the following:

Sister Diane Killebrew
Daughters Carolyn Baker & Melissa Langford

Theresa Perez, Training Coordinator for PHCC GSA Training Facility called out the following:

Executive Director Danielle Dorsey, PHCC of San Diego
PHCC of California President Mike Barker of Barker & Sons Plumbing
Executive Director Susan Caccia, PHCC of San Francisco & San Mateo Counties and PHCC of the Sacramento Valley

Richard Carrington, Master Instructor, PHCC GSA Training Facility called out the following:

Affiliate Members & PHCC Partners:
Tyler Kruse, Milwaukee Tools
Richard Ray, Pace Supply
PHCC of California Past President Guy Tankersley, Cal Delta Plumbing

You have 24 Hours to Answer the Challenge!!!! Thanks to everyone for participating in this worthy cause!