California Building Standards Commissions issues Winter 2014 Newsletter

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California Building Standards Commission

Winter 2014

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  • Code Advisory Committee Call For Applicants! 

    The Code Advisory Committee (CAC) application process
    is now underway. CBSC will be accepting applications
    for appointment to one of six advisory panels through
    January 23, 2015. CAC members include industry
    stakeholders and affected public constituents who are
    knowledgeable in particular subject matter pertaining to
    California’s building codes. Members serve for three
    years and play a truly vital role in reviewing and making
    recommendations concerning proposed new codes and
    necessary state amendments. If you are interested in
    serving in this capacity and would like more information
    about the application process and the make-up of the
    respective committees see the CAC article in this issue.

  • Australia-California Drought Dialogue
  • 2013 Supplement Publication
  • New CBSC Law: Installation of Recycled Water Systems
  • Legislative Update
  • CALCode Quarterly Quiz!