Assembly Member Donald P. Wagner, (R-Irvine) Adjourns Cal State Assembly in memory of Austin Barker

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On January 29, 2015, Assembly Member Donald P. Wagner, (R-Irvine) adjourned the California State Assembly in memory of Austin Barker, a resident of Anaheim.  Austin was the son of Mike and Brenda Barker, also Orange County residents.  Said Wagner about the adjourn in memory, “I know how difficult it is to lose a close member of the family and my heartfelt condolences go out to all the Barkers, their family, and their friends.”

Mike Barker is the President of the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors’ Association of California representing the counties of Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino and Owner of Barker & Sons Plumbing, Inc. 

In memoriam donations may be directed in C/O The Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund c/o PHCC of CA Educational Foundation, 1820 Tribute Road, Suite A  Sacramento, CA  95815.   916-925-7390 is the contact number.  All proceeds will be donated 100% to either Copper for Kids/Sierra Forever Families or to the local PHCC Association Chapter of your choice supporting Copper for Kids.

Barker writes:  My wife and I were honored to create the Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund in gratitude to both our son Austin, and PHCC.  Austin’s greatest joy was in helping those in need, and through Copper for Kids, PHCC members have continued to donate the proceeds from scrap copper to assist local agencies in finding forever homes for children in the foster system.  While cared for during fostering, this does not replace the security and stability of a forever home, and typically foster kids have nowhere to turn at 18 once they’re emancipated out of the system.  The Copper for Kids aids in the ADOPTION of these children; that they may have the love and care from a permanent family, and a lifelong relationship.

I want to thank everyone who reached out to our family during this difficult time.  I will never be able to fully relay the gratitude I have for the ‘Best People’ in PHCC.

You can read more about Austin here, and Mike Barker here.

A Paypal link has been established to accept donations in Austin’s name.  To date, the Austin Barker Copper for Kids Memorial Fund has raised $4393 to assist a child in the foster system find a forever home.  Click here to learn more about Copper for Kids.

PHCC of California extends their heartfelt gratitude along with the Barker Family for Assemblyman Wagner’s demonstration of sincere thoughtfulness.