Adam Barney named the “Milwaukee Tools Apprentice of the month.” for March 2018


Milwaukee tools implemented the Apprentice of The Month to showcase talented students who continuously go above and beyond to further their education through the PHCC GSA Training Facility. Selection is based on work ethic, classroom performance, attendance and cumulative grade. For the month of March,  Milwaukee Tools partnered with the Training Facility to name second year student Adam Barney as their selection. Adam did not come from a plumbing background, he actually worked in a data center as a senior analyst for a healthcare company.

According to Adam, academic work has never been a challenge. “It comes very easy to me. I’ve always had the ability to focus and remember information.”  Since the academic program contains a lot of information, Adam possess a skill that will definitely propel him to the next level of training.  In his words, “PHCC keeps current and future plumbers up to date on theories and techniques. The instructor is knowledgeable and the shop gives us real world experience.”

So far, rebuilding a stripped down faucet has been the only obstacle he’s faced in class. “I’m a new construction plumber who has done very little in the way of service and repair. Having a faucet taken completely apart and being told to reassemble it with no instruction was very challenging.” Says Adam.  He believes future students in the program will get out of this class what they put into it. Participation makes the learning more enjoyable and really helps in retaining the knowledge they will acquire”.

PHCC GSA Training Facility continues offer the perfect balance between on the job training and in class learning, and Adam says that from what he’s heard it’s the best school for the job. Congratulations Adam Barney on being Milwaukee Tools Student Of The Month. May you have continued success through the apprenticeship and with the rest of your plumbing career.