“A Passion for the Industry and My Community” By Patrick Wallner, Wallner Plumbing Co Inc. Redding CA

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August 29, 2014: Addition to Post:

Will you be joining us at PHCC CONNECT 2014 in New Orleans?  If not, please click here for your Request for Absentee Ballot.  Let’s let Pat know that the PHCC of California stands behind him!

There is one official candidate for PHCC Vice President:  Patrick Wallner.  The election will take place Oct. 10 during the PHCC National Annual Business Meeting in New Orleans.

Candidate for PHCC National Vice President

Candidate for PHCC National Vice President Patrick Wallner

I am pleased to announce my candidacy as your PHCC National Vice President.  I have been with the family business for more than 27 years, 19 of those years as president of the company.  My resume reflects my passion for the industry and my community.  Since 1992, I’ve served PHCC on the national, state and local levels.  I currently serve on the PHCC of California as a Director and for my community as Planning Commissioner.